Mobile app UI / UX design
Cloudlife started out as an idea for users to have access to a quick booking app for everyday services. Google is a great platform for finding information, but it isn’t perfect. When people search for a specific service, they have to filter through a large quantity of information. Cloudlife aims to reduce the search time so that customers can reach the desired services within their area much faster.
The Challenge
Our client saw an opportunity to make the task of booking everyday services easier. The first version of the app was created and released, but was put aside for a while. Once it was decided to once again focus on the app and the opportunities it can open, we were asked to revamp the app’s structure, add a few features, and restyle it to create a better overall user experience.
User needs: To book everyday services faster (like salon appointments, plumbers, electricians, doctor’s appointments etc.) and to have access to all of it in one place. The purpose is thus to satisfy a market need for quick service booking and make it easier for businesses to connect with customers who are in need of services in their area.
Pain points: Limited resources (budget, time)
End users and core target market: The general public and local businesses (related to your area)
Platforms that were designed for: iOS
Key features:
Ability to search for a service/service provider
See reviews & ratings
View real-time availability of service providers
Book an appointment
Option to receive reminders
My Process & Solution
The original build of the app was evaluated and the features that were kept/improved included the ability to view service providers, view services with pricing, and make a booking. Carousels for viewing new/promoted services, map integration, and global search functionality were added.
The app aims to improve the current process of searching for local services by cutting out the unnecessary clutter of information and displaying it for the consumer in a fast and easy-to-digest format.
We had an initial kickoff meeting with the client to better understand their business needs and the software requirements.
Next, I mapped out the basic user flows and compiled the app wireframes to help visualize how all the features will come together in a user-friendly layout. The layout of existing elements were revisited for a more contemporary look that works better in the current market.
Once the client approved the wireframes, I started working on the prototype of the app and collaborated with another designer also working at Bitcube. The brand update and brand implementation on the mobile app was done by her.
The Result
Cloudlife has been updated with a new look & feel and an improved task flow to help connect service providers with the general public as an online marketplace for services.The new app aims to become a market leader for on-demand applications. Currently the development of the app has been halted due to a shift in the client’s business focus.
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