Mobile app + desktop web portal UI / UX design
Levtron provides gas monitoring scales that consumers put underneath gas bottles. They were in need of an interface that can display the captured gas level information remotely, plus alert their clients when they are running out of gas. I was tasked with creating both the mobile app design and the web portal design that can assist them with just that.
The Challenge
Levtron did not have any tools available to their clients that informed them of their gas levels remotely. They had to go and check the levels directly on the scales and this proved to be an inconvenience. Thus they realized that they were in need of a mobile app, as well as an online portal, that would help both their residential and commercial clients (restaurants) monitor their gas levels at any time. 
User needs: To monitor gas levels remotely and get alerted if gas is running low
Pain points: Due to budget constraints I had a hard limit of 40 screen designs for both platforms and user research had to be cut from the process. Months after the completion of the design project, I was asked to add 2 extra mobile screens that the client wanted to include in the development process.
End users and core target market: Residential and commercial clients (restaurants)
Platforms that were designed for: iOS and desktop/laptop web browsers
Key features:
Consumer registration
Consumer profile scale linking
Data gateway linking
Monitoring of gas levels
Profile maintenance
Ordering (create & track orders)
Payments (pay for orders)
The Process & Solution
After I had a call with the client to get an understanding of who they are, what services/products they offer, who their clients are and what the company’s needs were, I started researching their competitors, the market and the style they wanted for the platform. I also made sure I understood their business requirements and software specification needs.
Once I gathered enough information to get started with, I created a document that visualizes the user/task flows and highlights which screens I was required to design (which was important to plan for due to the screen limit).
Next, I designed the basic structure and features of the app in the form of wireframes.
Once the client approved the wireframes, I started on the hi-fidelity prototype. The styling of the platform had to match the company’s current branding.
The Result
The development of the app and web portal is still currently underway by the Bitcube development team.
Release is planned for sometime between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.
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