Responsive website and mobile app
UI / UX design

SJUP was created to connect the traveler directly to the tour guide with transparency and real-time communication for the best possible adventure, affordability and satisfaction on every holiday.
For guides they offer an online marketplace where they can showcase their unique products to the domestic and international market. This platform opens up job opportunities for anyone who feels they have something out of the ordinary to share, like local knowledge and cool hobbies (fishing with a jet ski, wine tour on a bicycle, hanging with a local, etc.). For travelers they offer the experience of a lifetime by seeing the amazing and diverse qualities of South Africa through real people.
The Challenge
The founders of SJUP recognized a gap in the local South African tourism market, which is a great starting point, but they were in need of two main solutions before they could start marketing their idea. The first solution being a fresh new brand look & feel for SJUP that could be applied to their marketing material and, more importantly, an investor deck. Secondly they needed a platform design that could provide clear insight on how locally registered guides can get easy access to eager travelers who, in turn, are on the lookout for that unique, local experience. They wanted the entire SJUP brand experience to be creative and leading the market.
User needs: For travelers to view and book local tours with ease. For tour guides to create and get exposure for their tours.
Pain points: Limited resources (budget, time)
End users and core target market: The general public and local businesses (related to your area)
Platforms that were designed for: iOS, web (desktop & mobile)

Key features:
Create & manage a profile
Book & pay for tours
Create, manage, search & view tours/experiences
Calculate tour package prices
Rate & review experiences, guides and travelers
Message tour guides & travelers
Share tour/experiences on social media
My Process & Solution
We (another designer at Bitcube and myself) started with the brand development phase of the project by designing a few logo concepts along with basic implementation suggestions for each one. After the chosen concept has been tweaked a bit and approved, we designed the SJUP investor deck that assisted the founders in their quest for investors.
Next, I created the mobile app design with the end user in mind. The app was fleshed out in such a way that it maintained a simple user-flow with easy access to all the features the users would need. Each screen was carefully considered and designed to ensure it looks and functions as best as possible.
After the app was approved, we moved on to the website. Main requirements for the site was that it must clearly indicate that it is a safe, reliable, affordable, and easy to use marketplace. The first phase for the website was a full site design with all the necessary functionality. Afterwards, we had to create a small one-pager site, mainly as a teaser for what is to come along with newsletter signup features, which was launched while the full site was still in development.
Including all the necessary features, we made sure that both platforms were visually attractive and communicated the new SJUP brand effectively to its intended audience.
The Result
The client has been provided with a strong, professional brand identity for SJUP, as well as given the visual aid they need to get investors interested in their idea. The full design of the mobile app and responsive website designs help them steer the project into the correct development direction right from the start. We have successfully delivered the SJUP team with all the necessary tools in order to catapult their ideas into the growing hospitality market. We believe that by the end of 2021, SJUP will be the talk of the town for those seeking unique, local experiences.
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